Veronica Cobb was elected the Local 819 President/Business Agent in 2020, and is the first black woman to serve in this role. She has worked for New Jersey Transit for over 25 years, and has a vast amount of knowledge and experiences to lead the union.


To My Union Brothers & Sisters,

My vision as a leader is to be able to teach, empower, and unite a diverse group of people with a common interest in the rights for working people. As a teenage mom who moved to New Jersey from Farmville, North Carolina in 1990, I know firsthand that often times in life there will be a moment, an incident, a loss, or a win that will define your purpose, shape your thinking, and create a vision far from what you expected for yourself. 

As a young married mother, I worked two jobs and pursued a degree in nursing with the hopes of creating a better life for my family. Life had other plans for me as the opportunity to secure a position at one of the most sought-after companies in the state of New Jersey presented itself.
 New Jersey Transit represented a career, growth, and job security. My career in transportation began in 1994 as a Bus Operator. As I navigated through my career at New Jersey Transit, I was met with a challenge that threatened my job security in 1999. Through this challenge, I learned just how powerful and important Union membership is for working people. Over 20 years later, I still remember the words, “You are out of service,” as if it happened yesterday. Confused about what was really happening, my garage delegate and the Union Vice President, with their knowledge and passion, carefully argued my case and advocated on my behalf and I was reinstated. I was completely intrigued by the process, and I began to study the contracts, the constitution, and the By-laws. I started Googling unions, the structure, the Department of Labor, and all resources. I became a fixture at the Union Hall, asking questions, never missing a meeting (unless I was on vacation or personal loss).

My decision to run for Union delegate, accept a nomination and serve as Vice President, and now proudly serve as your President of ATU Local 819, the largest transportation Union in our state, was made because of the years that I watched my brothers and sisters of the Union fight on behalf of us. I will be forever grateful to my first Union delegate, teacher, and friend Benjamin Evans for planting the seed in me so many years ago.

We are in unprecedented times and now more than ever, we must work together to protect the jobs and livelihoods of working people like my Union leadership did for me. My vision for the future of ATU Local 819 is filled with hope. I hope that together with you, we can continue to expand on professional development and training sessions for elected delegates, shop stewards, and Union leadership; and provide comprehensive training about Union policies and procedures to members. We all win when we are observant, have the ability to self-advocate, work with compassion, and remain teachable.

In Solidarity, 
Veronica H. Cobb
President, ATU Local 819