David Greaves was elected the Local 819 Financial/Recording Secretary in 2020, but has served over 10 years on the board. He has worked for New Jersey Transit for over 30 years.


To My Union Brothers & Sisters,

My name is David Greaves. I am the Financial/Recording Secretary of ATU Local 819. I started my career with NJT as a utility-man in Newark Shops in 1989. I worked my way up through the ranks to become a mechanic-A as a transmission rebuilder. When I started, I was young and did not understand the union or its function, however my mother would always talk about unions and the AFL-CIO which she was a member of, and how the Union helped my father in his job, especially when PATH went on strike.

To this day I still have newspaper clippings of my father on the pick it lines back in the early 80’s. It was a true sign of solidarity and a band of brother and sister hood. Working as a young man I would always hang around the old timers at work and pick their brains for knowledge on how the company works, job rules and policies. It was intrigued by the history of the company and I enjoyed learning  how things change from contract to contract.

I never had plans to run for Union office, however in 2009 several of my co-workers came to me and said we are going to the Union meeting tonight to nominate you for Delegate of Central Maintenance Facility. I debated with them for about an hour, then it dawned on me, all the knowledge I received and studied would be put to use. I was nominated and won the election and served for three years. Sitting on the executive board and state council I learned even more from my colleagues, including John, Ben, Tiran, Ray and Clarise. The next election cycle I was nominated again for Delegate and was unopposed.

In 2015, Veronica Cobb, with the 819 executive board, appointed me to the position of Interim Recording Secretary. In 2016, I was nominated for Financial Secretary of the Local 819 and won the election for a three-year term. In 2019, I was nominated again, this time as the Financial/Recording Secretary of Local 819 and was unopposed. I am a hard worker and dedicated to this job and labor movement in general.

It upsets me to see people being bullied or intimidated by the company. When I first started at NJT, things were different and the Union and the Company had a decent working relationship. However, over the years the culture has changed, and it seems like it is us against them. We must come together as a Union where we all share the same mission, which should include the betterment of our working conditions, pay, benefits, pension and being treated with respect. I look forward to serving the membership of this great Local Union while I am in office. ONE ATU!

In Solidarity, 
David Greaves
Financial/Recording Secretary, ATU Local 819